2012 Festival of Faith & Writing

Graphics for event merchandise.

2012 Festival of Faith & Writing
Event Branding
Event branding for this years' Festival of Faith & Writing was another exciting project I got to work on for Hyde Creative. Rachel asked me to help out with graphics for the merchandising. I didn't hesitate to say yes. Firstly, because the concept was amazing. And secondly, because I really enjoy branding. 

So I got to concept for the banners, bookmarks, notecards, mugs, and shirts based on Rachel's cover designs, colour palette, and illustrations. Here are some finished graphics.

Check out the entire branding here!
Photos taken from the festival's facebook page.

more event photos here
banner mock ups
final bookmark
notecard 1
notecard 2
notecard 3
notecard 4
final mug wrap
student tee
retail women's shirt
retail unisex shirt
the coolest part of design - finished tangible pieces

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