Holland Christian Interior Branding

Interior branding journey with Holland Christian High School

Interior Branding for Holland Christian High School
Via The Image Group, 2008
Holland Christian High School approached The Image Group during its major remodeling of 2008, desiring input on what to do about the walls...what scripture verses should go up?

That discussion opened up to discussing how to best communicate the values and culture of the school. I was the creative lead for this team as we interviewed the HCHS community to gather data on what people viewed as important to communicate, next developed a theme, and moved into actual design proposals. We worked closely with the architects and interior designers to ensure consistent and creative use of materials and integration of themes.

The end result was this recommendation document, which outlined the overall conceptual theme, what the messages were to be, how the visuals would play out in the space, who would be responsible for maintaining the spaces (including technology), and give a sense of future ideas as well.
A video overview of the concept as it was completed. Note that The Image Group was not involved in the final production of the actual art.

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