Joy in Philippians

TITLE OF SERIES / INDIVIDUAL PIECES: Gestures of Joy Joy in Eternity Joy in Contentment Joy in Humility Joy in Obedience Joy in Suffering Joy in Thanksgiving Joy in Unity Joy in Philippians YEAR: 2010 MEDIUM: Pen & Ink on Vellum In this series of explorations on themes found in the letter from St. Paul to the community in Philippi, each piece reflects the essence of a theme, much like a gesture drawing captures the essence of a figure without filling in all of the details. Joy – it's amazing to me that we humans are designed to encounter joy in the midst of any circumstance when we have the Spirit within. This joy is so personal and unique to each person and each community of believers. For this, I kept the scale of these drawings small, to encourage viewing on a more intimate level. Each piece is a window into the scripture, and invites you to reflect on your own journey.

Gestures of Joy
Explorations of St. Paul's writing to the community of Philippi
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