There are metaphors familiar in social justice circles that use images of people striving to climb over hurdles, see over a fence, or reach for an apple on a tree to illustrate how equality (or sameness) doesn’t necessarily produce equity (or fairness).
Increasingly, a further image is included to illustrate what happens when we remove the hurdle entirely, rather than helping people scale it better.
It’s a great reminder that while we need to foster the conditions that ensure all people have fair access to success, lasting change comes when we focus on removing barriers completely—addressing the root causes of inequity.
This year’s annual report speaks to our efforts to do just that: to focus on giving that changes the conditions that create inequity in the first place—in our schools, our homes, and our communities. And to invest in sustainable change that fosters a more just society for everyone.

AURIKK BRAND MOVEMENT GROUP was our co-collaborator in the task of re-envisioning communications surrounding understanding of "inequity."

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