“Our organization will be closing its doors next year. How can we tell our story in a meaningful and creative way?”
This was the question that began our engagement with the Nokomis Foundation. Together, we shared the stories of the Foundation's history, identifying which ones to voice, which stories would best exemplify 25 years of service to women and girls in our community. We worked through a content plan, possible layouts, methods by which we could tell the story, and decided to build a final report around the theme of a unique sculpture that resides in their office.
The "Totem" was designed and assembled around a support beam in the entryway of the office. And the metaphor of "wrapping" support around those who need it emerged.
The final piece features stories gleaned and crafted by Terri Finch Hamilton, original artwork by Emily Van Hoff, and photography by Michele Brautnick. Printed with Custom Printers, its pages stitched together with yellow thread.
Binding: stitch with gold thread; wrap with belly band
Copywriter: Terri Finch Hamilton
Double-gate fold at center allowed for multiple historical stories to appear together
The theme of yarn / wrapping was inspired by the original artwork "Totem pole" (2002, Mixed Materials, Hand-woven on-site at Nokomis Foundation by Lisa Kowalski)
Custom photography by Michele Brautnick
Additional yarn art, Emily Van Hoff
The book also served as a financial report document
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