This Festival marked the 7th Festival that Hyde Creative has had the pleasure of creating for. That's 14 years, and marks FFW as one of our longest-running clients. It's also the first year of using the new brand after nestling under the new Calvin Center for Faith & Writing institute. We played with establishing the elements that would remain constant each year, and which elements would be updated based on the bi-annual event's visual theme.
Deliverables included: Web - design elements and creative direction 
App - design elements& UX consulting 
Retail - commemorative t-shirts, totes, glassware, mugs, printed merch 
Brand - themed logo, card, letterhead
Promotional - Advertising, bookmarks, flyers, posters, social media images
Sponsor prospectus
Event program & engagement (Bingo-style game card)
Event creative direction
Banner (with Erica Monroe)
Templates for signage, attendee name badges, MailChimp newsletter template
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