A complex project spanning 8 months, this personalized assessment results book provides research-based information specific to individual user results.
Together with copywriter Kathy O'Brien and illustrator Damion Van Slyke, Hyde Creative acted as IA, UX, Content strategist, creative director, designer, project and production manager throughout the project.

We first developed the creative direction, content strategy, IA and UX with the digital assessment tool. We needed to construct a system by which the user could understand their health index without being prescriptive in our recommendations. Our big insight came when we realized the user needed to feel supported more than they needed to be educated. We continually refocused on addressing the question "What does the customer [user] need to succeed?"

To that end, we crafted all nomenclature, all copy and content, illustrations, icons, symbols, and content system by which the personalized results could be compiled and shared with each user.

Integrating raw data, content and feedback from scientists, researchers, health & nutrition experts, as well as brand managers and UX/interactive developers was imperative to the success of the final product. And because the users of this tool are in a global market, we made sure that content was culturally adaptable and relevant. We also included content that invited user participation, knowing their active engagement would lead to greater success in establishing a healthful, lifelong approach to weight management.

The book itself is 32 pages, with variable data populating all but 6 of those pages. The book is the next step in the user's journey toward understanding their personal health status and what they can work on to feel better and manage their weight. The user's results are compiled into 6 different categories of health and wellness, with 2-4 possible results within each category. The possible combination of results is in the hundreds. We needed to build a system by which each section of content could be uniquely populated, yet completely consistent in user experience no matter what their results may be.
The images below summarize the overall creative direction for the assessment results book.
Additional images coming soon. This is a complex book, with complex content and user experience needs…we want you to see it all in action.
We determined the logic behind the results, as well as how to communicate the information, the visuals to accompany all data, and the technical system to access individual result assets.
Complete results book sample, stress challengekey
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