The primary goal of this watershed display is to convey a sense of responsibility—Our individual choices affect each other and our collective environment. 
Large graphics educate on what a watershed is and where it is in relation to the Calvin Ecological Preserve & Native Gardens. Frogs and creatures in the aquarium tank remind us that our choices also affect animals and the entire ecosystem. 
Led lights in the interactive area simulate water ripples and water drops, relating to the graphics on the surrounding boards. Marbles run along the bottom, containing a variety of colors (which also aid in discussions regarding the spread of pollution).
Visitors can turn the wheel to select from choices that affect the watershed. They press the button to learn if their choice was a healthy one (triggering a blue LED light to cascade down into the pond) or an unhealthy one (triggering a red light to descend into the pond and "pollute" the water).
(Ask us about this case study…currently in progress)

features include led lights, interactive "choices" wheel, live frog tank

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